Summer Camp

Trunks and Duffel Bags

Tons of colors, sizes, and styles including trunks with wheels for easy moving and trays or organizers for storing the small stuff. For every camping need, we’ve got you covered.

Easy to Organize All of Your Gear

All of our summer camp trunks, footlockers, and soft trunks are easy to pack and can be outfitted with an additional organizer tray. Our soft trunks have zips and pouches to provide extra storage capacity. We also have an article with tips and tricks on how to organize your trunk for camp.

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white trunk with open lid showing camp supplies
black trunk with open top showing camp supplies

Wheels built into the trunk

Camping trunks, footlockers, and soft trunks - all on wheels. Seward Trunk has made that trip between car and camp cabin as easy as possible. All of our rolling solutions are designed using high quality, durable wheels, and hardware to last year after year.

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closeup of trunk wheels
closeup of trunk wheels
closeup of trunk wheels

Get Ready for Your Adventure

Our Trunks Can Be Customized

Using acrylic paints and vinyl stickers, you can customize your trunk. All of our trunks and footlockers are ready to be painted and customized however you'd like. Use acrylic paints and vinyl stickers to make your trunk truly yours.

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multi colored trunks

Duffel bags and Soft Trunks

Not every summer adventure calls for a traditional trunk, and sometimes we need a soft-touch.

Seward Trunk & Mercury Luggage have teamed up to offer durable, highly functional duffel bags and soft trunks. Made from 600 Cordura material and designed to be exceptionally durable against the punishment kids throw it. Bags so tough our deployed men and women in the U.S. Military use them!

mercury tan duffel bag mercury red mini monster bag mercury black monster bag